Tuesday, 7 July 2009

The High School Game

Gamer Girl

Inspired by her sisters rocket creation, miss Madi set about creating her own project from cardboard. She decided to make a High School themed board game. Players had to pick a school card which told them which school they attended. I started at Awesomely School, and ended up at kids academy. We went around the board and got grades, asked and answered questions and ended up in detention. The rules changed here and there to Madi's advantage, but we both had a great giggle, and for her first attempt at a board game, it was a great success.

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The Word Party

Loving words clutch crimson roses,
Rude words sniff and pick their noses,
Sly words come dressed as foxes,
Short words stand on cardboard boxes,
Common words tell jokes and gabble,
Complicated words play Scrabble,
Swear words stamp around and shout,
Hard words stare eachother out,
Foreign words look lost and shrug,
Careless words trip on the rug,
Long words slouch with stooping shoulders,
Code words carry secret folders,
Silly words flick rubber bands,
Hyphenated words hold hands,
Strong words show off, bending metal,
Sweet words call each other 'petal',
Small words yawn and suck their thumbs,
Till at last the morning comes,
Kind words give out farewell posies....
Snap! The dictionary closes.