Tuesday, 11 August 2009

P is for Pudding, Y is for Yum

For a while, Kyla has been eyeing up these chocolate lava cakes from Dominoes. Unfortunately our nearest Dominoes is completely hopeless, and every time Roger has tried to bring one home after work, they have mucked him about. I was looking through a library book this morning, Baking with kids by Linda Collister, and found a similar recipe for warm chocolate pudding.

So we nipped out and got some chocolate, and a set of new ramekins just for the occasion, and set to work.

First steps

*wash hands

*pre heat oven 220 Celsius

*grease ramekins

Mmmmm, 150 grms of organic milk chocolate. The base of the puddings.

There was no shortage of chocolate breaking helpers.

We used our retro chocolate fondue machine to melt the chocolate. Madi was in charge, so I'm not sure all 150grms made it to the pot.

Madi was the egg cracker. The mix uses 2 whole free-range eggs, and two yolks, at room temperature.

Denver was in charge of adding the five tablespoons of caster sugar to the egg mix. Once mixed, we also added two tablespoons of flour.

The best mixers in town, earning their lunch.

Into the now melted chocolate went 100 grams of butter. Melted and mixed thoroughly.

Madi then combined the chocolate butter mixture with the egg mixture.

Denver was carefully checking it all out. I think she was expecting something else.

The ramekins were filled equally, and baked at 220 degrees Celsius for ten minutes.

We garnished with vanilla ice cream and some grated chocolate. Just like a fancy restaurant.

They were baked to perfection in only ten minutes, with oooey gooey chocolate centres.

Both Madi and Kyla thought they were delicious, and gobbled them up.

The little ones weren't fussed on them, they ate the ice cream and then the big kids finished off their puddings. Waste not want not :)


Hannah said...

Mmmmm, YUM!! It's awesome that your girls love to bake together. So much fun :-)

Anonymous said...


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