Thursday, 3 December 2009

Going to the Birds

Hmmm, quiet in here lately I know. Yet we are still as busy as ever, baking, cooking, crafting, learning, playing, listening, talking, watching.

Last night as I was preparing dinner for us Kyla yelped, 'Mum, a bird! Inside!' Sure enough a little sparrow had hopped inside to grab a stray piece of bread that one of the kids had dropped, like Hansel and Gretal. It kept coming back in, so we kept throwing more bread, and soon some more sparrows joined the first, and we had guests for dinner. The girls got so excited everytime a bird came inside, and soon Kyla was plotting the creation of a bird restaurant.

So this morning she dragged me out to the shop for supplies, and then we got to work. We wrapped a plank in red Christmas paper, as bird like red apparently, and Kyla designed a banner. She called her restaurant Bird Fuel, a play off her fave, Burger Fuel. I made up a batch of bird pudding, just lard mixed with seeds, nuts, fruit and bread and Kyla filled a pinecone with some peanut butter and rolled it in seed. Then we made some coloured sugar water, and Kyla made some fruit roll-ups, just some apricots and sultanas rolled in bread. Those actually proved to be the birds favourite things.

Kyla and I loved this mama and her baby chick, so adorable. We lay on the floor watching them eat.


skatey katie said...

birdie num num.
(that's a YUMMY expression from BD's childhood)
love love X

Jacinta said...

Fantastic!!. Love what you made, and they are some seriously cute birdies too.

Laura/CenterDownHome said...

Sweet mama stuff. :) I needed to see some of that this morning!

Anonymous said...

Hey Hays Susan here
This is just awesome what a great idea you are an amazing mum and you just give your girls such fantastic experiences dont ever change!
Much love me xxx

Had to post anonymous as puter is grr at me lol

Sarah said...

Oh, that's so gorgeous! The last photograph is incredible. I love watching the Mamma birds feed their babies too, but have never been quick enough to capture it on camera.

I've been thinking of you a lot recently. Your posts from your old blogs still occur in my mind from time to time. Don't ever doubt yourself as you have so much talent, so much to give and such incredible children that are such a credit to you.

Festive greetings to you and your beautiful whanau, Sarah x

debra said...

Wonderful, Hay! Years ago, we had a bird party: we played bird bingo, made bird collages, made birdy treats and bird diaries. My girls---now 21 and almost 18 still look for the birds at our feeders.

Hay said...

Thanks everyone :)

Lol Kate, very cute!
Thanks Jacinta, it was fun, but especially watching the idea evolve and Kyla's excitement with it.
Thanks Laura, I think we all need it sometimes.
Big loves Susan, thanks for being a rock.
Thanks Sarah, I really appreciate your kind words :)
That is adorable Debra, sounds just like our kind of fun! xxxx

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