Sunday, 11 April 2010

Crayon Crazy

These days it's impossible to tear Denver away from the Nintendo or PlayStation for very long, as she has finally mastered the art of them. Madison too, is usually off reading or writing. But luckily I can still rely upon Kyla and Sienna to get excited about doing art activites.
Yesterday I showed them a few crayon art activities that I remember spending ages doing as a kid. This was a quick easy way for my mum to keep me occupied and out of her hair for ages. Of course my kiddos want me to do it with them, so no rest for this wicked one.

After that we decided to do some wax art. I grated some crayons and they sprinkled them between some sheets of greaseproof paper, then we ironed them.


Sarah (Chez Lee - Brit in NZ) said...

Beautiful artwork :) Love the photographs too.

I know what you mean about Nintendo and Playstation - technology addiction starts young these days! Way back when I was a child we still played computer games - but it was 'Pac Man' and 'Space Invaders'.

Jen said...

cool :)
I use to spend hours making geometrical pictures (your 2nd photo) when I was a girl :)

B14 went to an art holiday program early last week - he did some screen printing and really enjoyed himself :)

debra said...

these are great, Hay. My kids loved to do this, too. And the results were always a surprise.

Karen said...

I am struck by the color--such gorgeous, gorgeous color! I love your focus on art--the art that the girls were creating, and the art involved with you creating the beautiful!

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