Monday, 31 May 2010


So, we went to Motat, thanks in part to Bree, and her mum, who provided us with the free ticket to go. It's a pretty awesome place, though the weather was awful, and Sienna was grumpy, so we didn't see it all. Highlights were the mirromaze, the whisper dishes, the simulator ride, which Maddie declined to ride, but was truly awesome, and the tram ride. Denver watched the driver like a hawk on the return trip, trying to work out how he rang the bell. When we stopped, we asked him, turns out it was with his foot. Then he let Denver and Sienna ring the bell, much to their delight! Here are some pics.

Denver riding the tramWatchingLunchWhisper DishesWhisper dishesMuralSteam TrainSteam TrainOld Police CarsOld Fire EngineOld FoodTramsPrisonersOld bikeOld KitchenTractor used in the Antarctic


Jen said...

MOTAT is such an interesting place

skatey katie said...

ha! i remember those LEED bottles.
no jokes please hahahaha
fave pic: hard to decide buuut there is something incredibly endearing about the freshness of the girls with the corrugated SPECIAL tram X

Sarah (Chez Lee) said...

Looks fab and I wouldn't mind having a go on those Whisper dishes. Love the photo of the girls hugging on the tram; my first thought, 'Awwww, I need to have one more baby to even out the numbers'!

Karen said...

That looks like such fun! And oh my, your girls are growing up!!

Marylène said...

Hi' :-)

Je suis une jeune fille Belge (Europe). Je suis "tombée" sur votre blog par hasard.
Je trouve que vos photos sont AMAZING !
J'aimerais savoir la marque, le nom de votre appareil photo. Pouvez-vous répondre à mon commentaire et éventuellement m'envoyer un e-mail ?

Je vous remercie d'avance.
Encore félicitations pour vos superbes photos !

Marylène Hebbelinck.


Hi ':-)

I am a Belgian girl (Europe). I "fell" on your blog by chance.
I think your pictures are AMAZING!
I would like the brand, the name of your camera. Can you answer my comment and possibly send me an e-mail?

Thank you in advance.
Again congratulations for your great pictures!

Marylène Hebbelinck.

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Hard words stare eachother out,
Foreign words look lost and shrug,
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