Friday, 6 August 2010


Yesterday Sienna was adamant that she wanted me to teach her something. So we found a sunny patch to sit in and read the story of Perseus and Medusa. We watched Percy Jackson the Lightning Thief a couple of weeks back, and the girls were interested in the myths, so I had gotten a book out on our next trip to the library.
After we had finished reading, the two of us made a Medusa face. Sienna loves drawing and cutting and creating, and once we had finished our Medusa, we made two more.
In case it all looks just like fun, I do ask Sienna questions as we go along to see what she is picking up.I asked her to count how many snakes there were so I knew how many tongues to make, and she did this. When I asked her what snake started with, she thought for a minute then said, S! 
So I got her an S handwriting sheet, and she set to work on that.
After all that, in keeping with the snake theme, we decided to make snake cookies, and decorate them.


Sarah Bean said...

check out that smile - shes so cute. S is a very important letter yknow :P

Hay said...

Lol, yep, S is a simply stunningly super letter ;) Thanks SB

Jen said...

love it!
especially the cookies :)
wtg Sienna clever just like the rest of your wonderful family :)

Karen said...

I can't believe how big she's getting--when did that happen?!!Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!

Hay said...

Thanks Jen, yep, she's a smart cookie!
Lol, I know Karen, I try to forbid her to grow any more, but she does it despite me.

skatey katie said...

smart COOKIE indeed.
too cool for skool.
PS percy jackson is mick's latest fave movie - it's persuaded him to start devouring 'D'Aulaire's Greek Myths' - a tome i bought during our homeskooling days.
luffs X

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