Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Fashion Week

I got called into the lounge today to watch a runway show. The kids, Kyla, Denver and Sienna had found some clothing bags in the garage, set aside for coming years, and decided to try some on. Kyla then helped them set up a catwalk (some blankets) and directed them, choosing their outfits and playing music. Denver and Sienna had so much fun, as did I photographing it! I love that they can get so excited about hand-me-downs. Here's the (MANY) pics.


Sarah of 'Catching the Magic' said...

Totally gorgeous! Gives me hope that Alice will one day be excited about all the boxes of clothes I'm storing for her as Charlotte & Sophie outgrow them :)

debra said...

They are so bright and clear!!! When my almost 19 yr old youngest was about 4 or 5, she had a loved pair of white cowgirl boots, complete with a silver-like medallion and fringe, that were decidedly large. Every time she would sit down, they would fall off. The pink boots remind me of those days. These make me smile!

soNOTcool said...

This is SO great. The looks on their faces and the poses just kill me!

Danielle said...

those two are totally rockin' that runway! Cheeky, love it!

Hay said...

I'm sure Alice will Sarah. We have one or two friends and family who save up clothes for us. The girls like nothing more than to get big sack fulls, poor them out and start trying on stuff.

Thanks Debra :) Yes, Sienna is a fan of shoes. I heard her coming into my room this morning in those boots, tromp, tromp, tromp, lol.

Me too Jodi, the way they strutted about it was like they were born for the catwalk.

Sure are mama! Thanks :)

Karen said...

Look at those glamour girls, strutting their stuff! Keep the 'tude girls and rock on!!

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