Thursday, 2 December 2010

Why I should just give up on taking a nice family picture.

Well, the first of December knocked on the door yesterday and we embarked on our advent activity calendar. First up, family Christmas pictures! *cue groaning from children and husband*. Turns out my camera remote didn't feel like working, which made things a little difficult. We couldn't seem to get the right angle, expressions, composition. However, sometimes I think the out-takes are more fun than the 'keepers'. Let me share.

The one where Gilby gets amorous.

The one where Gilby starts to realize the joke is on him.

The one where Gilby seeks compensation, in the form of candy canes, for his humiliation.

 The one where I realize I kiss with my eyes open, ewwww!


The one where these two decide to have a conversation, and Sienna looks for nits.

The one where Maddie wishes she were born into another family. Any other family.

The one where Denver looks like Mr Bean and Kyla should have stood in the centre.

The one where Sienna does her Macaulay Culkin 'Home Alone' impersonation.

The one where we half decapitate the man. Uh, you don't need your brain right?


Sarah of 'Catching the Magic' said...

You all ROCK! So funny and these totally capture the fun festive spirit!

Jen said...

fun :) :) :)

Karen said...

I could have sworn I visited your blog yesterday--how could I have missed all this holiday cheer?! I saw the perfect pics first, and now here I am at the outtakes--and I like them just as much...maybe even more. You crazy, CRAZY family--I think we have much in common...

Hay said...

Thanks friends.

Karen, I know, we are off the wall. Gotta love it :) Move to NZ, I want to hang with you <3

The Word Party

Loving words clutch crimson roses,
Rude words sniff and pick their noses,
Sly words come dressed as foxes,
Short words stand on cardboard boxes,
Common words tell jokes and gabble,
Complicated words play Scrabble,
Swear words stamp around and shout,
Hard words stare eachother out,
Foreign words look lost and shrug,
Careless words trip on the rug,
Long words slouch with stooping shoulders,
Code words carry secret folders,
Silly words flick rubber bands,
Hyphenated words hold hands,
Strong words show off, bending metal,
Sweet words call each other 'petal',
Small words yawn and suck their thumbs,
Till at last the morning comes,
Kind words give out farewell posies....
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