Monday, 28 March 2011

Museum Madness

See what happens when you don't update your blog often? I end up posting two museum visits back to back! Anyway, last time we went to the museum they were setting up the Dr Seuss exhibit. Rog knew I'd want to go, being a big Dr Seuss fan, so on Friday we packed up the kids and once again hit the museum. The Dr Seuss exhibit was probably (if I am brutally honest) a little underwhelming, but we had loads of fun exploring the rest of the museum, including Excite, the hands-on area for children. Sadly, unlike Te Papa you have to pay to play, but at $20 for the family it wasn't too bad (the rest of the museum is free).

After exhausting all the activities in Excite, we went downstairs to look at the Waikato River exhibit, which included the girls favourite 'shaky house' that you sit in and it throws you around simulating an earthquake, or volcano eruption. They also loved this little 'bug' (below) which shows you what it might look like travelling along the bottom of the Waikato River.

Back upstairs was the sweetest little garden area, with knitted fruits and veges for the kids to 'plant' and 'harvest'. Have to say they had a wonderful time in this bit, and have requested a similar set-up at home!

Then we took a look at the Stories of Hamilton area, which had a lot of old photos and such. They had little embossing machines that the kids loved using, and we even got to dress-up!

Madi was looking 'depressed' because that was what she thought everyone looked like back then. I said there were some happy people too :)

Then Kyla and Sienna had turns at being little school girls. Cute!


debra said...

Looks like a fun day! I can't believe how much the girls have grown since the photo on top.

Hay said...

Indeed. Next month my smallest becomes a big kid (5!) and my eldest a teen. Oh my.

Anonymous said...

Looks like heaps of fun!! I was hoping to see photos of the 'new you' but I can even tell from the one of your head that you've lost weight! What a fun museum exhibit ... my boys would LOVE it!

Jen said...

what a fun educational day
I LOVE museums

Hay said...

Lol Hannah, still a way to go to the 'new me' but thank you. Hopefully I'll be brave enough to post pics soon :)

Me too Jen, they are a great way to spend some time, especially the kind that lets the kids get hands on :)

Karen said...

You've got a great bunch of kids, Hay--my one is so incredibly resistant to things like museums and zoos. I look at these wonderful pics and feel green with envy--what fabulous times! And Hay, I'm sure the "new" you will be quite lovely, but I have always thought (and still do) that the "old" you is pretty damn gorgeous, too. Just saying...

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