Thursday, 31 March 2011

Zoo Tales

A few weeks ago we went to the zoo to celebrate the birthday of Ubuntu ('Bunty'), the little white rhino. While we were there we decided to get a family pass, which means we can visit the zoo as often as we like for the next year. The girls and I decided that Thursdays would be our 'Zoo Day', as the giraffes have their feeding time at 2:30pm, and one of our most favourite things to do is feed them! Last time we went my camera was flat, but not today!

First we bumped into this guy, an Eclectus Parrot, who was such a showoff! He chatted away to us and the girls were enchanted by him.

Then we headed on and saw some of our mammal friends. The Spider Monkeys, Cotton-Topped Tamarins, the Ring-tailed Lemurs who were back in their enclosure after it had undergone some alterations, and a rather sad looking Siamang.

Then we visited the chimps, who were enjoying a lay-about in the autumn sunshine.

We made our way around the little lake and then sat in the shade and refueled with a little picnic.

Then, you guessed it, it was time to see our friends the giraffes. We listened to the chat from the keeper, while she was mauled by them, lol. Then it was the best part, feeding them!

Then after that excitement we headed up to see the Sumatran Tigers. These guys (brother and sister) are usually hard to spot, but last time (camera-less of course!) one was right at the observation window. We didn't hold out much hope that we would get that lucky again...but...we DID!

After a stroll trough the wild bird aviary, we checked in with Bunty and family, then had a look at the reptiles. Sienna loves the reptiles. After that we had an iceblock and met a new peacock friend who struts around the zoo looking regal.

I then came across a weird species of monkey, very noisy lot they were, what's worse, they followed me home! I'll have to see if I can return them next week :)


Laura/CenterDownHome said...

Wow! Great photos! And I loved seeing you and the girls having so much fun -- you're all looking gorgeous! xoxo

debra said...

These are fabulous photos, Hay! I love the giraffes, too. xo

Jen said...

wonderful photos
neat looking day
cool that youll be going regularly
I miss not having a zoo here in the Bay

Hay said...

Thanks friends, can't think of many better ways to spend an afternoon :)

Karen Jensen said...

What a day! Amazing photos! Thank you.

van said...

well at least the loud mad monkeys are easy on the eyes, id keep them!
giraffe love! and yeah, somewhat disgusting tongues, im with you K.

Karen said...

Such happy, happy girls! I LOVE this!!

Sarah of 'Catching the Magic' said...

Looks FANTASTIC! Love all your photographs, looks like a really fun, wonderful visit.

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