Friday, 29 January 2010

Homemade Lemonade

Kyla found some neglected lemons at the bottom of the fruit and vege bin today, and asked if we could make some lemonade.We peeled 6 lemons, and soaked the peel in 4 cups of hot tap water. Then cut and squeezed the lemons.
Then we added in two cups of sugar, and 4 cups of cold water. Mixed it, chilled it, DRANK it...mmmm. Now that's what I call summer.


Karen said...

Yummy--though it's making me shiver (-9 degrees Celsius here--I think I need hot chocolate).

rb said...

Yum yum!

We have been making ginger beer since Christmas. It is so easy to do - and it tastes delish. Trouble is, it is getting a bit out of hand. All the children want to be doing it and we can't drink it quick enough.

How I long for summer . . .

Hay said...

mmm, hot chocolate, yummy karen!

Sounds great rb, I can remember the kids making ginger beer at school once, I'm a lemone lime and bitters girl m'self! :)

mrscownz said...

I have a recipe for old fashioned lemonade somewhere that my grandma used to make - alway's reminds me of summers at Raglan with bakelss chocolate fudge cake...... Might have to dig it out now ;-) although it is much more complicated than your recipe... perhaps I'll try yours instead!

Hay said...

Oh yum Mich, do share!!
Maybe we could meet up at Raglan for a weekend before the summer is out...?

The Word Party

Loving words clutch crimson roses,
Rude words sniff and pick their noses,
Sly words come dressed as foxes,
Short words stand on cardboard boxes,
Common words tell jokes and gabble,
Complicated words play Scrabble,
Swear words stamp around and shout,
Hard words stare eachother out,
Foreign words look lost and shrug,
Careless words trip on the rug,
Long words slouch with stooping shoulders,
Code words carry secret folders,
Silly words flick rubber bands,
Hyphenated words hold hands,
Strong words show off, bending metal,
Sweet words call each other 'petal',
Small words yawn and suck their thumbs,
Till at last the morning comes,
Kind words give out farewell posies....
Snap! The dictionary closes.