Monday, 15 February 2010

In the kitchen last week.

Madi made four desserts last week. After the pavlova, we attempted profiteroles, which ended up pancakerolls (frowns), but tasted scrummy neverless if the fact that there were no leftovers is anything to go by! Maybe the homemade caramel sauce helped.
salteggsprofiterolesCaramel sauce and profiteroles

Then we broke out the chocolate and made Rachael Rays Black and White Parfait, which was Rogers fave.
choccy!Black and White Parfait
(The oreos were our idea )

Finally she turned her hand to Chocolate Pistachio kisses, from Jo Seagars cookbook.
Chocolate Pistachio KissesChocolate Pistachio KissesChocolate Pistachio KissesChocolate Pistachio KissesChocolate Pistachio KissesChocolate Pistachio Kisses

These were SO cute, and though the Mr found them a little chocolatey, they were a BIG hit with the girls.
Madi had fun in the kitchen, but she was happy enough to go back to her books :)


Hannah said...

YUM! Those chocolate pistachio kisses have been a huge hit amongst my family & friends for years, I remember seeing Jo Seagar make them way back when she had her TV show, and I've been making them ever since. Looks like Madi has some pretty mad baking skills!! :-)

P.S. Happy 10th Birthday to Kyla - what an AWESOME idea to let her do the freefall for her birthday!! You are the coolest mum EVER!

Karen said...

Oh what fun! Madi is turning into quite the sweets chef! Pretty soon, Hay, you'll be able to sit back with a cocktail and a book, and your girls can take care of all the cooking for you!

The Word Party

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