Monday, 15 February 2010

Road Trippin'

On Sat afternoon Kyla and I packed our bags and headed off on a spur of the moment adventure to Rotorua.She took some pics along the way.

She turns ten tomorrow (16th), and she really wanted to do the Freefall.
After arriving and having dinner we meet Excalibur the horse, a friend of Nana Jens, and Kyla fell in love instantly.

Then Nana Carol took us up the Gondolas, to drink in the sights of Rotorua and dusk fell. We even got to ride in gondola number 10, which made the birthday girl happy.

Then it was back to nana's house for some sleep. Up early the next morning for a wander around the markets, and to feed the gulls lakeside.

Then it was the main event, the freefall! She was a bundle of nerves pre-flight, as she suited up and listened to the instructors.

She then went out and got familiar with the flight area.

And then...

She was amazing up there, and totally LOVED it. She is already saving for her next flight :)
We headed back to Auckland, making one last stop, at CANDYLAND! Yum :)


Mama DB said...

Happy Birthday, Kyla! I'm loving the new haircut.

The freefall looks amazing, though it also looks as it would take your breath away!

debra said...

How cool that I get to wish you a HaPpY BiRtHdAy in multiple places. Happy double digits, Kyla!!! xoxo

Nikki said...

That point you looked out on, toward the lake, is where my mama's house is.

Andddddd the school that you looked down on from the mountain (with the green rugby fields) is my high school.


Errrr... irrelevant but cool.

Happy birthday to your rocking indie girl. xo

Karen said...

Happy Birthday to Kyla--what an awesome trip! You go, girl!!

The Word Party

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